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Celebrating National Tap Dance Day!

Saturday - May 25th 2019

Hi Everyone!

How has everyones week been?

Today I wanted to chat about something we are celebrating this weekend…. have you guessed it yet??? Its in the title .... a total give away... its National Tap Dance Day THIS Saturday!

I got a little nervous before writing this... in fact I even left it a little to the last minute (which is pretty unlike me) why you ask? well... I wanted this post to be perfect because it is celebrating that thing that we love so much, the thing we bend the knee too. In short... Tap dance is our religion and our tap shoes an object of worship. haha. Only half joking.

So I wanted to give you some major facts about this epic day and information on how this day came to be:

- Did you know the idea of National Tap Dance Day was first presented to U.S. Congress on February 7, 1989 and was signed into US-American law by President George H.W. Bush on -November 8, 1989. What a champ!

- National Tap Dance day is celebrated worldwide, but apart from USA the next biggest countries that celebrate are: Japan, Australia, India and Iceland.

- The one-time official observance was on May 25, 1989. May 25 is the birthday of Bill “Bojangles” Robinson, a significant contributor to tap dance born in 1878.

- May 25th National Tap Dance Day, was the result of hard work by Nicola Daval, Carol Vaughn and Linda Christensen of the Tap America Project.

- Tap Dance Day is celebrated online, with over 27,518,521 mentions every year! And we will certainly be active people in this phenomena.

On a side note; because I found this so interesting… throughout the 1920s there wasn’t a show that didn’t feature tap dancing. If you couldn’t tap dance, you couldn’t get a job! Whatttt!?? I mean wow… that is truly amazing!

This got me thinking… like i do… I wish there were so many more opportunities for tap dancers in todays society to jump right into film and live shows and tap away. There are so many tap dancers and dancers in general out there, so many that give up because they can’t make a living out of this art form and cant afford to continue. Imagine if there was a shift. How would we do that? Keep creating friends, we have to make space!

I love seeing people create, and creating opportunities for tap dancers. It is evident - tap dance is making a come back and becoming a little more mainstream again. We got this! Imagine if you couldn’t book a job unless you could tap dance… what a world to live in :)

And then my brain jumps to a tap dancing lawyer in the court room… haha. Guys - THIS would never happen, unless we are talking a lawyer in a broadway musical.

I digress, the point is...this tap dance day, why don't you get together with your friends and get creative. The Tap Thats are recording a little Shim Sham action and joining in with the tap community at Tap Dance Everywhere. You can join too - send your video of the shim sham to - .

Lets build this epic tap world and community of love, support and opportunity!

Much love

Telly xoxox


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