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Women of the Tap World



Tellina Lee's journey started in Newcastle Australia, where she grew up with dance and music in her blood.  While she exceeded in all styles of dance and performance, she very quickly fell in love with the art form of tap and became a champion/scholarship winner among her peers, and was known for her complex rhythmical tapping and BIG stage personality. It was no surprise when tap dance phenomenon " Tap Dogs" very quickly became her favorite and instilled a passion to choreograph from a young age and to tap any stage she could.

Since then, her entertainment career has taken her worldwide, where she has performed in professional musicals and shows from a young age and followed her passions to create groundbreaking work, making a name for herself in the dance community internationally.  

Out of an abundance of passion filled frustration for the lack of female led tap dancing shows, Tellina got to work and formed the trailblazing dance crew we know as"Tap That".

"I waited so long for the female counterpart to Tap Dogs, but it never came". She knew waiting any longer was not the answer and with relentless vigor and infectious passion she cleared some space for the females of tap and created a multi platform dance company that fuse together cutting edge choreography with audiovisual components that broaden the image of contemporary female tap dancers in today's community. "I really wanted to combine my love for the screen and the stage and create dance music video 's that showcase badass women of tap". And that's what she did, capturing the attention of producers and entertainment professionals worldwide. 

For Tellina, the energy of the group was as important as their sheer talent. Having the right combination of like minded, passionate women to fulfill the roles was imperative. If you sit down with this crew you will very quickly see their unmatched commitment to the craft, their magnetic connection, and genuine support and love for each other. The Tap That Crew is a sisterhood. 

Some of their recent triumphs include the televised entertainment segment for the prestiges Darley Awards at the iconic Dolby Theatre, home of the Oscars,  Tap Dancers on tv show “Floored” at CBS studios and delivering dance driven content for leading edge brands and their sponsors.

The Tap That team are visionaries on a mission to push the boundaries of dance media with an eclectic lineup of the worlds most sought after female tap dancers. 2021 will see them gracing the live stage with their debut original tap dance show. We want to encourage females of all walks of life that tap means inclusivity and together we can make a difference and instill joy. And yes, women can tap with as much ferocity as the boys!

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