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The Sisterhood of the Traveling Tap Shoes

Hey everyone and welcome to our blog launch! What a super exciting time! We are so thrilled to share our journey with you and encourage you to chase your wildest dreams.

So what is this blog thing you ask?...

Welcome to the Tap That Diaries!

Every six weeks we release a group blog post and an individual entry from each member will fill the five weeks in between. We are excited to share a taste of our world and to get to know our followers! AND if you join our Tap That Squad you can get all the exclusive access to behind the scenes content.

Here at Tap That Production we have a mission and we want to share it with you. So for this first week we want to introduce you to our fab team, share a few random facts, and give you the inside scoop on everything Tap That!

Pic Credit: Dima Overtchenko

Random facts 101

Meet the team:


1. I'm getting married this year!!!! Who's Coming??!!!

2. When strangers in LA ask me what I do, I usually reply with : "Oh, I study spiders, we compare the venom to try to find a cure for common world diseases." I usually come clean after a while...

3. I JUST learnt how to ride a bike two years ago. I have only been bike riding three times, one of which I ended up with a bloody knee and foot.

4. I have an unrealistic fear of elevators. It's not about the elevator dropping, it's about being stuck in a small space and not being able to breath or have access to water. I will take stairs any day, and I will NOT take an elevator if there is no one else in there. I need that moral support if we get stuck. lol.

5. My whole family lives in Australia, and when I packed my bags to move to the USA, I did not know anyone. I came out here to act, ended up in 2 different Pop Girl Groups, found my calling to choreograph and produce was too strong and created Tap That after getting out of a whack contract. I could write a book on the crazy industry experiences but the truth is, I'm mad grateful for all the lessons, the experiences - great and not so great, and the amazing friendships I made along the way.


Pic Credit: Dima Overtchenko

1. I am a SUPERFAN of so many top three longest-lasting obsessions are Jim Carrey, Lady Gaga, and Back to the Future (part two is my favorite!). I have tattoos devoted to 2/3 of those! Other loves include Panic! at the Disco, the Karate Kid, BTS, Jason Mraz...Feel free to hit me up if you need someone to fangirl with, it is one of my greatest joys.

2. My full first name is really just "Jeze"! My parents named me after a brit rock band, Gene Loves Jezebel. I've been called everything from "Jeez", "Jeezy", and "Jazz", to "Jezé".

I think my parents were punking me by not spelling it how it's pronounced, "Jez". 

3. I am a proud mother of a pleasantly plump orange tabby cat named Chance the Scratcher. He is everything to me!!! I snuck him into a no-pets apartment in 2017 after he chased me down the road in front of my building. He was the opposite of chubby when I found him.

4. Tap dance was introduced into my life when my mom got me a pair of tap shoes from a garage sale when I was four. I fell in love with it immediately and told her it was because "I could hear myself dance", I couldn't wait to get on stage. At my first recital, I wanted to prove that I really knew the choreo without looking at the teacher who was in the wings...So before the dance started I took a big step out of line to be in front of the rest of the girls.

5. This one is mildly disturbing but hear me out!! Okay so, I have this mole on my scalp about an inch back from my forehead. If you tap that spot on my head, my left eye will twitch. To answer your question, no, this doesn't happen for my right eye, lol. 

People find this party trick either really funny or wildly upsetting..


1. I have been eating sushi since I was 3! My parents let me try it thinking I would hate it but I ended up loving it and it quickly turned into my favorite food!

2. I have a small scar next to my left eye from a benign tumor I had removed when I was 3!

3. My dad has always called me Sydnerella after Cinderella because I love Disney and she is my favorite princess!

4. I’ve been a huge fan of Britney Spears since I was 5 years old. Ive been to 3 of her concerts and have been Britney for Halloween 3 times!

5. I’ve always liked eating my dessert first!


Pic Credit: Dima Overtchenko

1. I am the middle child of 5 kids!

2. I hate cilantro so much that I tell people I’m allergic to it when I ask for it not to be on my food- it’s the worst! Haha

3. I may or may not still have a huge stuffed toy eeyore (from Winnie the Pooh)  that I packed in my suitcase when I moved from Australia to LA.

4. I left home the day after i turned 18 and I lived in Mumbai, India for 7 months dancing in Bollywood films.

5. I cant sadly whistle and have never been able too, but my shoulders are weirdly flexible! 


1. I was born blind, had about 8 surgeries on my eyes from birth, and now can see almost perfectly (with the exception that she predominantly only uses one eye)!

2. I've gotten tattooed in Berlin, Germany.

3. My kryptonite is Salt & Straw honey lavender ice cream.

4. Baking is my favorite hobby, and I'm actually pretty darn good at it.

5. My life is driven by the urge to travel. I've road tripped across the US, flown to Germany, Iceland, and the United Kingdom. Now I'm planning a trip to Australia and Japan at the end of 2019!

We look forward to giving you lots of love and laughs! And don't forget you can join our Tap That Squad by clicking HERE.

Til next week .....

Tap That xox

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