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Tap Thats - What's on their menu....


Favorite Breakfast meal: Banana Bread if I'm on the go, otherwise I love a bacon, egg and avocado wrap with Franks hot sauce.

Go-to Afternoon Snack: Almonds or a health bar.

Favorite Restaurant in LA: Catch LA! The ambience is on point and the food is DELISH!

Favorite Cafe: Cafe Gratitude.... Yes the food is great... but for me its all about the positivity of that place...

Whats your fav sweet treat? Flourless Chocolate Cake from The Village! Yes I'm that specific :)

Guilty food pleasure: My mums homemade pies. And I'm talking meat pies not a dessert pie!

Favorite Beverage: I love a good glass of wine. Mainly a Rose' or a Red wine dependent on the weather. And I do love a sparkling water... Perrier Lime is GREAT and refreshing.

What would be your last meal: Seafood! Anything and everything seafood!


Favorite Breakfast meal: WAFFLES loaded with berries and syrup, with a side of scrambled eggs

Go-to Afternoon Snack: Carrots and hummus!

Favorite Restaurant in LA: Point Break Poké!

Favorite Cafe: The 101 Coffee Shop (they have great belgian waffles)

Whats your fav sweet treat? I mean I don't discriminate against any sweets but #1 is probably gummi worms

Guilty food pleasure: the fried cheese melt from Denny'

Favorite Beverage: yerba mate!!!

What would be your last meal: my mom's amazing garlic pasta with clams!


Favorite Breakfast meal: Eggs benedict 

Go-to Afternoon Snack: Peanut butter Perfect Bar

Favorite Restaurant in LA: Blossom Vietnamese in Downtown

Favorite Cafe: Kindness & Mischief in Highland Park

Whats your fav sweet treat? Creme brûlée

Guilty food pleasure: Orzo pasta with butter and nutritional yeast

Favorite Beverage: Coffee with oat milk

What would be your last meal: Homemade pierogies with sour cream and onions 


Favorite Breakfast meal: 

Definitely depends on the day! I  use to not eat breakfast very often, and yes I  know that's not the healthiest. But I    have recently discovered a new Recipe Ebook I'm loving which has turn me onto Overnight Oats! Genius! They are so quick to make, and the best thing you make them the night before so they are ready to just pull out of the fridge and eat. My other fav breakfast (if I'm not cooking) is my boyfriends amazing scrambled eggs! 

Go-to Afternoon Snack: Either a Banana, dates or dried juicy mango 

Favorite Restaurant in LA: This one is such a tough one to pick just one. I  think it would depend on what I feel like that day. Fav Thai restaurant is 100% My Thai in Korea Town! It's the BOMB!

Favorite Cafe:

I  have a few for different reasons. 

Sometimes I  like to go to a cafe purely to have a coffee and sit on my computer and do work. 

But then other times I  like to go and enjoy my pastry and tea minus working. So, I  have a few listed.

- Blue Bottle - Great Coffee

- Coffee Commisary - Love taking my laptop here and working

- GGET (go get em tiger) - Quick to go coffee

Whats your fav sweet treat? Ice Cream!!! And tiramisu!

Guilty food pleasure:Aussie Lollies! My family will ofter send or bring over treat from back home and I  stock up on all my favs and then when Ive had a bad week or day, I  enjoy! :) 

Favorite Beverage:At the moment we have been making our own Aperol Spritz's at home and they are delicious! If I'm out at a restaurant I'd more then likely order a nice glass or red! But also have found a new love for Sparkling Water, as we don't really have Soda in the house. 

What would be your last meal:Definitely my mums Chicken Stroganoff! It's my favorite thing she makes and just reminds me of my childhood in all the best ways! And I  tell her all the time hehe.


Favorite Breakfast meal: SO MANY THINGS, but currently Eggs Benedict, a Chocolate Croissant and a Vanilla Oatmilk Latte!

Go-to Afternoon Snack: Banana with a Justin's Almond Butter packets or a Go Macro Bar!

Favorite Restaurant in LA: Sugarfish

Favorite Cafe: Urth Caffe in Santa Monica

Whats your fav sweet treat? HU Cashew Butter and Vanilla Bean Dark Chocolate Bar!

Guilty food pleasure: Dominos Pizza (because of their garlic crust) and Gummy Candy!

Favorite Beverage: Harmless Harvest Raw Coconut Water

What would be your last meal: AYCE (all you can eat) Sushi, a Blended Margarita with sugar on the rim and DONUT FRIEND donuts :P

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