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Travel Essentials - Long Haul Flight Carry On.

So in 2 weeks time I will be on a jet plane to Australia to become a MRS.

YES thats right, this one over here is about to get married and I couldn't be more excited to marry my guy Bri! I feel like this year has gone so fast and we have kept popping out content right up to the day I leave. Keeping busy and at it has certainly helped to keep my mind focused and on task. After all .. every moment in planning counts.

So in short, I am SO excited to have my girls in Australia, total heaven!

And Yes... (back to topic)I am about to endure that long haul flight like a champ. To be honest, I actually quite enjoy it... sure its a little cramped and the sleep is going to be almost no existent but I look at it as a period of time that I am disconnected from media outlets and well... all I can do is read, watch movies and sip on some Qantas red wine.

So what am I traveling with.... lets break it down shall we?

Some top tips and low downs...

1. Carry On Luggage: The most important to me is having a good carry on luggage bag... it is the foundation of EVERYTHING..

I personally LOVE Chester Luggage ... Why you ask?  I don't know about you, but my luggage is always getting dinged up, where as Chester luggage is stylish (I love my pink wheels) lightweight, ultra-durable, waterproof, and flexible enough to expand and absorb external pressure, eliminating dents and dings. What a win!  And it has super awesome safety features.. yes ladies.. you don't have to worry about someone getting into your bag because it has a safety code lock that holds your zippers intact. I don't know about you, but I'm no code cracker so I have peace of mind knowing others cant access my bag.

With people flying more and more frequently, the importance of having quality luggage that you can depend on is more important than ever before. Solid, high-quality gear can be a huge money-saver in the long run. 

2.  Travel Light with your carry on, and make your "Hand Bag" an overnight bag..

Yes... I do this all the time... I mean there are no limits on what a woman can fit in her handbag, nor would I question it... I tend to put all the things that I need during the flight in my "handbag/overnight bag" that goes under the seat and all the things I need when I land in my carry on suitcase that goes in the overhead compartment. This saves you getting up and down and up and down and disturbing the people around you.  

3. Essential cosmetics and beauty supplies. MOISTURIZE! Yes ... your skin is prone to drying out while you are souring above the clouds so having a moisturizing lotion for your hands and body is key.. It is also refreshing... I also would suggest having makeup cleansing wipes handy as it refreshes you in the morning when you wake and land and also, it is a nice freshen through out the flight.

4. Compression socks also known as surgical socks. Basically, a pair of compression flight socks are a pair of longsocks that come in various levels of tightness or compression and help to increase the blood flow in your lower legs, thereby reducing the risk of blood clots and swollen feet from flying. And when you are traveling for 14+ hours you really feel the difference by these magic socks. I personally even fly short hauls, because it really eliminates any discomfort and aches and swelling. Totally worth the purchase!

5. Entertainment. If you are like me... you can't sleep on planes. AND I don't like to take any drugs that will make me sleepy, I have to be ready to pounce or take over the driving wheel if anything goes astray... hey I've watched SULLY many times and I think I go it down. 

So having a book, podcast or music is key. There are plenty of entertaining channels and movies available on the plane, but sometimes you get over it and its nice to have other options.

6. Comfort. If you are traveling that long haul flight, you want to be comfortable! You want to rock your onesie..? I say go for it! Personally, I like to wear my trackie dax (tracksuit pants), and you may see me wearing my ever so soft, new Tap That Shirt. Yes shameless plug, but I'm telling you.. our new merch is AMAZE!

I always visit the first bathroom once exiting the plane and freshen up and have some clothes ready to change into. After all, you want to be ready to explore and adventure once you set foot in a new country. No limits!! And, on a side note... We don't mind if you keep that Tap That Shirt on all day...maybe you need one in both colors. hehe.

Hope you enjoyed todays essentials and I cant wait to update you on the next Aussie trip!

I can not believe that the next time I write back here I will be a MRS Haller! My hope is to live in the moment, and take in all the beautiful things of the day, and let go of organizing.. cause hey, all the prep is done. My heart is so full and happy and I'm grateful for this sweet sweet life with my forever fella!

Til next time......

Much love

Telly xoxo

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