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3 Reasons why you'll want to exercise

Hey! It’s me again, Sydney! Last time we talked I told you about some things I do to relieve

my stress. Well, one thing I didn’t mention was exercise. Yep, some good ol’ physical activity. Now, you might be thinking to yourself, “yeah yeah, exercise is important”. But it adds to your life in more ways than one! It’s not like you have to start bench pressing 300 pounds. Because although yes lifting weights in considered exercise, a lot of other activities fall into that category. Maybe we can talk about different types of exercise next time, but for right now I wanted to chit chat a little about how exercise is good for us in more ways than we think!

1. There’s no question that exercising can be great for your health, but do you know what it actually does?! Exercising increases blood flow, which in turn boosts your mood!Have anxiety? Well exercise helps lower it. BYE-BYE anxiety. AND, exercising lowers your risk of getting a stroke, diabetes, and even some cancers. You might not be thinking of all of that now… But you’ll thank me when your 70! Exercise can also improve the quality of your sleep. Remember in my last post I explained how important it was to get a good night’s sleep? That it get’s you ready for the day? All of this ties together! Doctors remind us to exercise because of thesebenefits!

2. Exercising can actually ease back pain and improve your posture.WHATTTT?! Even more of a reason to get that body moving on a daily basis! Here’s how. Stretching and strengthening our core abdominal muscles will increase our overall body strength and take away the pressure in our back. The more stability we have in our core, the taller we stand. Less pressure and a longer torso means less back pain! And nobody likes back pain.

3. There are so many ways to get your body moving. You can go for an early morning hike, take some pilates/fitness classes, or even just take your dog for a walk. Any moment you can use to exercise is worth it because it gives you a mental breakfrom your day and allows you time to yourself. Everyone can use some time to focus on themselves, and exercise gives you that outlet! It’s also the perfect excuse to catch up on the newest Bacherlorette or listen to some throwback Britney Spears while going hard in your workout!

These are a few reasons why I like to exercise. As there are many more, I find these to be most important.

Enjoy the moving:)


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