Around the world in... how many days?

A bit of reality on the feats and failures of traveling in your 20's...

I am the Tap That travel bug! My spare time is spent searching for cheap flights and studying maps around the world. In a world where we use Google to find every answer to any question, we have the luxury of learning about different cultures and worlds in a matter of milliseconds. Yet, what life is like elsewhere seems almost imaginary because we aren’t there, only watching YouTube videos and reading articles about it. Make it real. There is so much more than where you’re at. I refuse to pretend like I know anything about somewhere I’ve never been, so here I am! Using my young adult years to invest in traveling the world! Yeehaw!

My favorite, and the most humbling, elements of traveling are the challenges you face. We really take for granted being accustomed to our cultural norms and common language. But when you can’t read traffic signs or communicate properly, it gets very real, very fast! There were so many amazing and terrifying experiences in each country I’ve traveled. I could go on for pages about my favorite and least favorite moments, but I’ll keep it to the exciting parts. I can’t wait to tell you!</