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Fueling your Friendships

Nurturing quality time with quality people...

Relationships need to be nurtured like plants to grow and thrive. The water is what you pour into it, the outcome is a beautiful flower to be enjoyed.

Every day I thank the universe for bringing me the most amazing people to share my life with. I tend to venture, physically and mentally, and all I need to stay grounded is the never-ending support I get from the relationships in my life. My friendships are held to such a high standard for a reason. When you need someone the most, during the darkest moments, these people will raise you up. These people are your people. The ones who trust, share, understand every little bit that creates you. Quality over quantity is the key here, my friends.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, relationships require dedication. Maybe it’s just me… prioritizing my solid friendships over a rocky romance is not even a question. If you chose wisely, the bonds you create will last a lifetime. It’s really no surprise that the building blocks to creating a strong foundation in a relationship are basic human necessities. Check out Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs - if the bond between you and someone else doesn’t support these requirements, some reevaluating has to happen.

We all just want love and hugs as human beings. Good friends give the best hugs. I really think that my friendships are main sources of this energy for me and figured out pretty well what qualities I nurture to create happy, functional relationships. It’s all a personal journey, so take these words in your own way!

As independent as we may preach we are, nobody can stand alone forever. Knowing there is a support system behind you provides the freedom to fly, if you happen to fall there is always someone to catch you. Visible and invisible, support comes in many forms:

In words when your best friend tells you how proud they are of you for standing up for your beliefs. Listening to how someone introduces you to strangers. Someone asking, “What can I do to help you? What can I do to make this easier for you?”

In actions when your roommate makes you coffee before a busy day. Who shows their face at your grand opening when you were sure nobody would come. Being fully present with one another and laughing until you almost puke while dancing like teenagers (when you should be doing work) and that is exactly what you both needed to recharge.

Whether you’re an “opposites attract” kind of animal or prefer to surround yourself with like-minded creatures, sharing similar life values and interests is helpful when creating a strong friendship. Although not necessary, it’s fun to riff ideas off of someone with the same hobbies and passions. On the contrary, there is so much to learn from someone with a different perspective. There is always a sweet spot in the middle where each persona maintains their individuality yet shares enough in common to not feel uncomfortable. Sometimes all we need is a friend to geek out over that super quirky, extremely specific topic that is only shared between you two. Other times, similar to family bonds, you can be completely different people but get along like coffee and donuts.

Out of my friend group, I have been deemed most honest and reliable. I am the friend they would call if they were in jail because I always pick up the phone. I am ALSO the friend that will tell you straight up, unfiltered what is up. Honesty is what I live by. No sugar-coating. It is wildly important to be confident in your relationship to the point you can say how you’re feeling and be heard. Transparency will strengthen everyone involved.

Do they make you wheeze laugh? Can you trust them to borrow your clothes and take care of your belongings? Do you get along with them sober? Could you FaceTime them at any point throughout the day and probably get an answer? Do you share your location with them indefinitely on the Find my Friends app? Do you hype each other up before crazy experiences? OK I’m getting carried away.

*Cue trust fall into my friends and family*

Friendship adds the most value to my life. They are my lighthouse when I’m out at sea. Don’t forget to water your life plant with whatever makes you feel whole. Bloom, baby, bloom.

- Emma

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