Fueling your Friendships

Nurturing quality time with quality people...

Relationships need to be nurtured like plants to grow and thrive. The water is what you pour into it, the outcome is a beautiful flower to be enjoyed.

Every day I thank the universe for bringing me the most amazing people to share my life with. I tend to venture, physically and mentally, and all I need to stay grounded is the never-ending support I get from the relationships in my life. My friendships are held to such a high standard for a reason. When you need someone the most, during the darkest moments, these people will raise you up. These people are your people. The ones who trust, share, understand every little bit that creates you. Quality over quantity is the key here, my friends.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, relationships require dedication. Maybe it’s just me… prioritizing my solid friendships over a rocky romance is not even a question. If you chose wisely, the bonds you create will last a lifetime. It’s really no surpri