My Great american dream

I never wanted the white picket fence life, that was never the dream for me.

Hey everyone... As we head into this day of the 4th of July in the USA, I thought it was a great day to reflect on life and my journey. Being an Australian moving to the city of dreams many years ago... I really thought I had it ALL figured it out. I was in the right place, so it was going to be easy right?. WRONG.

This life of ups and downs, excitements and let downs really have shaped a person that I have realized is unbreakable. I mean... I ain't no robot, but I can handle the storm. I could write a book on the do's and don'ts, but there is something about figuring it out for yourself and picking yourself up after the mountain crumbles that really builds a persons character and drive. What I've realized is.... while others may wait, I climb. I jump before I'm ready and I a