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My Great american dream

I never wanted the white picket fence life, that was never the dream for me.

Hey everyone... As we head into this day of the 4th of July in the USA, I thought it was a great day to reflect on life and my journey. Being an Australian moving to the city of dreams many years ago... I really thought I had it ALL figured it out. I was in the right place, so it was going to be easy right?. WRONG.

This life of ups and downs, excitements and let downs really have shaped a person that I have realized is unbreakable. I mean... I ain't no robot, but I can handle the storm. I could write a book on the do's and don'ts, but there is something about figuring it out for yourself and picking yourself up after the mountain crumbles that really builds a persons character and drive. What I've realized is.... while others may wait, I climb. I jump before I'm ready and I always figure it out and land on my feet. Even my greatest breakup and heartache led me on the road of my best life. 

I never wanted the white picket fence life, that was never the dream for me. What I wanted was to share my craft, to create, and to be somebody that others may look too and want to work with. I'm a doer, and I even now feel under utilized in this big world of entertainment.

After making a big dent in my resume in Australia, I actually originally came out here to be an actress, became a pop singer, got out of a pretty whack contract (we will talk about this another time), found myself on stage doing professional musicals back to back, then finally found the courage to create my greatest accomplishment and hearts work with the creation of Tap That. 

One of the things I realized was, a lot of people give-up, I was the only person from our group that continued to stay, worked hard to get my visa and persisted. Most people don't make it past their first 3 months let alone 10 years. The process of being granted and keeping an entertainment visa to live and work in this country are brutal and costly. One of the questions I've been asked often is how? and why? 

Well you have to be ok with the word "no". Rejection is all part of the grind. I came out here not knowing ANYONE, I mean, I had my bags packed and just went for the sky running... I was SO optimistic and trusting and also very fortunate to book from the get go. However there were many hardships along the way. Relationships that breakdown, being SO far away from your whole family and support system, bad group of friends and when things got tough.. which indeed they did... I was eating canned tuna and slept a few nights in my car. BUT these things are all temporary, and I always feel like I've had the motivation of the gods. You really can't keep me down before I'm up again on the go. 

But why? why would I not just go home to my wonderful family and my cushy well paying job?

Well, call me crazy!... but I just can't give up... I have that thing in me and I know I can do it... and persistence is key. Why would I add to the lineup where they gave up just before reaching the goal.

From choreography to producing, acting to singing, writing music to performing, editing to directing. There is no task that I do not do or won't take on. And I think that has been instrumental in growing and maintaining a career out here.  It takes failure to find success and the more comfortable I get with being uncomfortable, the better I am. It's growth every damn day and I fight for this dream, wether there are people with me or if I'm standing alone.

But what all of this comes back to, is the L word. No... I'm not talking luck, I'm talking "LOVE" my friends. I love this craft and there is nothing I would trade to have this opportunity to pursue it. I love the people in my life and I love that the USA gives me the freedom to create and is instrumental in connecting with mad talented people with skillsets that enhance your journey. From videographers, to photographers, to performers. This place gives you the tools to create gems and follow through with your visions.

The struggle bus is all part of the journey and I'm super grateful for the lessons that have led me to this moment. I'm still going and I'm still climbing and there are always new things to learn.

I'm always grateful to the people that come into my life and I think it is a great reflection of what you are attracting. While Australia will always be home and the big picture is to work, create and live 50/50 between there and USA, I'm so fulfilled and excited to be living the dreams in this country.

Happy 4th July my friends!


Telly xox

PS. Don't forget to join our TAP THAT SQUAD

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