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Surviving LA COFFEE

My fav coffee spots in Los Angeles...

Ok so lets get one thing straight… I  am an absolute coffee snob! 

There are SO many cafes and coffee shops all over the world, but especially here in Los Angeles. I feel like it's a part of the our lifestyle here in LA to meet up with a friend and grab a coffee, or catch up on emails at cute cafe and people watch the busy streets or just pop by your local coffee shop for that takeaway coffee that you don’t really need but really want!

 But it has come to my attention that there is an overwhelming amount of coffee shops and cafes popping up what seems like weekly here in LA! Being Australian and growing up drinking amazing, fresh coffee I found it especially hard finding cafes and coffee that I  absolutely LOVED and would go back and pay the $5 again for! Coffee to me is a necessity, especially being an artist, entrepreneur, aspiring real estate agent, professional dancer, choreographer, blogger, marketing manager and well…human! I  could probably function without it, but have grown to appreciate and just love the taste of good quality coffee! 

Ok, I’m definitely sounding like a complete coffee crazy person right now, so I will stop and give you want you really came here for! May FAV coffee spots and cafes!

I  have created a list of 7 essential cafes I LOVE!

These are not in any particular order as I  love them all and hope you will too! 

ROO Coffee - Griffith Park

- Yes this place is as cute as it sounds! ROO Coffee as you may of guessed is an Australian owned coffee shop, run by and owned by Aussies! I  love this cute little cafe for so many reasons. One - they not only make delicious coffee, but also sell FAIRY BREAD! All my Aussies reading this will be nodding their heads with a smile, but for our Fairy Bread ‘virgins’ this will blow your mind! A must try!! 

Go Get em Tiger  - Multiple Locations - Larchmont/ East Hollywood/ Highland Park/ DTLA

- Ok, so to be honest when I  first came her, I didn’t really ‘get it’. But since the coffee was not like any coffee I  have tasted before I had to go back and try it again. This place is very modern or I guess you could describe it as untraditional…. Meaning there are no real set lines to line up and order you coffee, pastry or breakfast. I didn’t want to admit it at first but, I now have grown to love this new and fresh concept of ordering coffee. You simply walk in, stand at the bar next to everyone and order either when you are ready or when it’s your turn. Almost like a light bar I guess. Also to note, the vegan strawberry muffin and chocolate chip cookies are delicious in every way! A great place that offers great coffee, friendly service in a new and fresh way! 

Bluestone lane - Multiple locations - West Hollywood/ Fairfax District/ Beverly Hills/ Venice/ Santa Monica

Another one of my favs, and yes another Australian run coffee shop! This place is just beautiful. Amazing decor, friendly staff and of course…. GREAT coffee! 

My go to here is a regular latte….I  mean you really can’t go wrong! 

Blue Bottle Coffee - Multiple Locations - Studio City/ Woodland Hills/ DTLA/ Los Feliz/ Beverly Grove/ Beverly Hills/ Pasadena/ Culver City/ Playa Vista/ Venice/ Brentwood/ Santa Monica

When I  first moved over to LA (about 2 1/2 years ago) this was one of the very first places I  went to that had good coffee. After trying numerous cafes and coffee shops in my first month living here, I nearly gave up! Until…. I  tasted Blue Bottle Coffee! If you have never had the pleasure of visiting Blue Bottle, add it on your weekend to-do-list! Its modern, simple, delicious and just plain old awesome! My go-to coffee here is the ‘ New Orleans’ Iced coffee! It’s got a hint of hickory which at first glance I was reluctant too… but after my first sip I was sold! Also… their in house made waffles are to die for! Highly recommend! Not to mention they have cute nooks and benches to sit and catch up on emails with conveniently placed outlets and bag hooks! A great study place with great coffee!

House Roots Coffee - Granada Hills

- I  came across this place after moving from Korea Town to Sylmar…. Yes you heard me correct, Sylmar. Who-mar? It’s a cute little area near San Fernando and NoHo. Me being me, I  was searching for my new nearest Trader Joes Store and also what would hopefully become my new local coffee shop and came across this little gem. A wonderful little coffee shop that offers home made treats and tasty coffee! I love this place and go out of my way to pick myself up an Iced Latte before my weekly grocery shop at TJ’s!

Civil coffee - Highland Park

- I only came across this cafe because I  work on Figueroa, and I  am SO glad that I  do! To say this place is beautiful is an understatement. The door, the tiles, the food, the coffee, the vibe… I  love it all! My 100% go to coffee here is without a doubt the ‘Figueroa Iced Coffee’. Not only is it great, but it comes with cinnamon and a cookie on top. Yes, you heard me correctly. A cookie just hanging out on top of your coffee! Its tasty! Its delicious! Its great! And this place Is a must visit! Plus, highland park is getting more and more trendy by the day, so a lot of fun places to visit and explore in this neighborhood!

Nothing But Coffee - Koreatown 

- Another cafe I accidentally stumbled into one day…and I’m so glad I  did! I was heading here to pick up some to-go coffees for myself and my boyfriend, but when I walked in I  didn’t want to leave. This cute place not only smelled heavenly of freshly brewed coffee but had this epic energy about it that made me want to stay, open up my laptop and work all day long… everyone else! Each and everyone in here was just quietly working away on their laptops, sending emails, having meeting, drinking coffee or reading books! I  loved it and also loved my latte!

These are the first 7 cafes off the top of my head that I  regularly visit and love! If you haven't, do yourself a favor and add a few of these to your next weekend outing or morning coffee routine. You will not be disappointed!

Much Love

Kate xox

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