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What to pack when moving OVERSEAS!

All the packing tips you need to take the leap and fly! (literally)

G’day Friends! Ok, so you picked it... I am the other Aussie amongst the Tap That’s, and couldn’t be more bloody excited about it!

To kick this blog post off I thought I’d give you some quick facts about me before we dive right into the good stuff!

AGE: 26 years young 

NATIONALITY: Australian 


PROFESSION: Professional Dancer/ Choreographer/ Dance Teacher/ Blogger/ Content     Creator/ Real Estate Agent in the making

HOBBIES: Devoted succulent lover + Pinterest!

COUNTRIES VISITED: Australia/ USA/ India/ China/ Bahamas/ Canada

FAVORITE COLOR: Purple, but if Rose Gold was a color… definitely ROSE GOLD!

DRINK OF CHOICE: Coffee in the AM / Red Wine in the PM

Now don’t get me wrong... moving countries, states, or even cities is no easy feet! It’s a huge adjustment physically, mentally, and just a crazy whirlwind of emotions… BUT… it doesn’t have to be all those things in a negative way. We very often associate new things as “wrong” or “a mistake”, however, just because it may feel uncomfortable and ‘literally’ out of your comfort zone, doesn’t necessarily mean that it was a bad decision. I don’t think if you have dreamt up this idea of change and had the courage to move from one place to the next that if it didn’t work out ‘the way you planned’ that it was a bad decision. I  like to think of it as, maybe it wasn't the right time and hey, maybe you will move onto the next city or county that you hadn't even considered living or moving to before, and it works out to be the right fit for you at that time in your life! Shifting your mindset even the slightest can make those horrible days into unforgettable stories to tell at that next awkward work party you attend.

You’ve probably heard that saying “If you were stranded on a Desert Island and could only take 3 things, what would they be?”. A few years ago my answers would have been. 


2. Mobile Phone or Laptop


Now what my answer should of been is:

Everything in my wardrobe + a jet plane + unlimited supply of food + wifi + cable + an Island house to live in + my friends & family…. And then some. 

When packing up your life into ONE SUITCASE (insert scream sound effect here) it can be a little daunting and feel like an impossible feet! Thankfully some airlines now allow you to check in 2 bags for free and of course paid baggage thereafter. Because we have a character limit here and I  know you have no time to read a 306 page blog post about ALL the things to pack when moving overseas, I  have compiled a list of 7 essential things to pack! (Now remember it obviously depends on where in the world you are moving so I  have tried to keep things as broad and helpful as possible.)


Your favorite Shampoo/ Conditioner + Facial Products - This to me is a necessity as I  have blonde hair and sensitive skin. I  have made the mistake when I  first moved overseas to India ( I  was 18 years old at the time) and just thought that all countries stocked and carried my purple shampoo … WRONG!Stock out on your favorite undies and G-strings! - Now if you are moving from state to state in the same country this may not apply to you, but if you LOVE a specific brand that you know aren’t sold in the country you are moving…. Buy plenty! Nothing worse then buying new underwear and it just ain’t right, if you know what I  mean. 

Reliable Clothes - (insert confused face here) What I  mean by ‘Reliable Clothes’ is, clothes that you ACTUALLY wear! When we start packing and choosing what clothes are going on the trip and what clothes will be left behind, we tend to (and I  have know Idea why) pick clothes that we love but haven’t worn in YEARS! You will be exploring a new city so pick clothes with comfort and are also easy to pack. That bring me to number 4.

Shoes - How many pairs of shoes do I  own? That question should fit into the category of ‘never ask a lady here age’. Do I  own a lot of shoes…. Yes! Do I  love all those shoes… Yes! Do I  need all every single pair… Yes! I  know for me picking and packing shoes was a difficult packing point. In the end this is what I  chose:1 pair black heels + 1 pair of nude or tan heels 2 pairs of sandals (black and brown in my case)2 pairs of boots (black boots for winter + thigh high going out boots)2 pairs of sneakers 1 pair of slippers (I  love my slippers) + All of my Dance Shoes! 

5.   Important Documents - Now this category may or may not apply to you depending on your moving situation. In my case I  moved from Australia to the USA so I  needed each and every single piece of paper stating that I  was in fact a real life human entering the USA LEGALLY on a VISA! So if you are moving overseas to a new country, bring a copy of EVERYTHING! Don’t sacrifice a document like a pair of shoes… Bring it all! 

Birth Certificate Visa InformationMedical RecordsCopies of Passport + Passport PhotosTravel Insurance Paperwork Tax Information Copy of License + Credit Card Information And depending on your circumstances the list will go on……

6.   Something Sentimental or that brings you Joy - This may sound a little corny or cheesy, but trust me, when you’ve had a bad day or maybe you didn’t get that job that you really wanted…. When you get back to your apartment and curl up in bed that sentiment item will come in handy. Something that reminds you of family/ friends/ happy memories will serve you well and can turn what you think is the worst day possible, into just another day.

7.    An OPEN MIND - Moving to a new Town/ City/ State/ Country is a lot on the brain, to say the least. I  have now been living in Los Angeles for just over 2 years and can say that no day is the same as the next or the one before.  I  think the best advice I  can leave you with is to have an open mind and enjoy the unexpected!

Hopefully after reading this you are feeling less stressed and more motivated in packing your suitcase, booking that flight, and exploring your new home away from home!

Love Kate x

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